In order to maintain effective management of the leachate it is important that the basal drainage layer remains free from clogging, it is for this reason that the Environment Agency favour a 20–40mm aggregate.

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Filtration above the Drainage Blanket

When the use of a 20/40 aggregate is not a cost effective and practical solution a 10–20mm aggregate can be used together with a filter geotextile placed between the waste and the leachate drainage blanket as a more effective solution.

Geofabrics HPS 3.3 has been developed specifically to meet this need and complies with all Environment Agency requirements for this application.

The addition of the HPS3.3 geotextile filter prevents fines from entering the drainage aggregate whilst allowing the free flow of leachate. This ensures that the drainage stone is less likely to clog and therefore aids in effective leachate management within the cell. 

Using HPS3.3 allows for a reduction in the size of the drainage stone and therefore has the additional benefit

Geofabrics Geotextile HPS

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