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The use of geosynthetics in civil engineering applications has continued to grow exponentially over the last two decades. Geosynthetics offer a factory controlled, easy to install replacement to traditional raw material resources.

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General Civils

With a low carbon footprint and easier installation in comparison with traditional construction, geosynthetics are increasingly specified for a wide range of solutions to meet complex engineering challenges.

The main functions of filtration, separation, containment, identification, reinforcement, drainage, gas venting (or a combination of these) are delivered by our wide range of geotextiles, cuspates and geocomposites: proved solutions manufactured to stringent test methods.

Increasingly used on sustainable urban drainage schemes (including swales, soakways, dykes, lagoons and ponds) to facilitate infiltration or attenuation with gradual and controlled discharge, we can offer suitable products dependent upon your hydraulic, filtration and strength requirements.  In applications to guide run-off such as spillways or irrigation ditches our HPS geotextiles are used to deliver 2 way movement of water to vent hydrostatic pressure whilst facilitating groundwater recharge.

Supplied in various sizes, our cuspated products are used as a french drain substitute whilst in different thicknesses, widths and lengths can be employed below a pavement, podium, floor or roof deck to facilitate movement of water or gas.

Protection of surfaces by our polypropylene non-woven HPS range of geotextiles is delivered to suit the required resistance puncture (CBR) making our products ideal for those working with basal or trench lining applications, high value surface protection, high loading or angular sub-base construction.

General Civils

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