Geocomposites are multi-layered combinations of geosynthetics. These combinations provide benefits over individual layers by enhancing functions, increasing interface friction angles and speed of installation. With careful design they can provide drainage, protection, reinforcement, filtration and barrier functions while replacing expensive and scarce mineral resources.

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Our GeoComposites

Two or more geosynthetics can be bonded together in multiple layers using heat or adhesives to form composites that solve installation problems and achieve service life objectives.

Increasing environmental restrictions and taxes associated with traditional mineral aggregates means that the proven benefits of geosynthetics become even more attractive.

And at up to 6m wide, rolls of geocomposites offer additional savings in time as they are quicker to install than individual components.

Standard Geocomposites include:

  • GPT Range: drainage and protection
  • Tracktex: anti-pumping geocomposite
  • RK4: rail filtration and confinement
  • LFX: landfill drainage stone replacement
Geocomposite drainage

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Geocomposite drainage

GPT Range

FmF Product

Membrane Composite (FMF)

FNF Product

Net Composite (FNF)

TrackTex Anti-Pumping Geocomposite


Padtex Product


FCp20 White Geo

Cuspate Composite

LFX Product