Our class-leading range of needlepunched geotextiles are manufactured for optimum performance. 

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Geofabrics needlepunched geotextiles were conceived with optimal performance in mind.

Rather than offering products with specific unit weights, individual grades are manufactured to achieve performance related values.

When designing with a geotextile, it is the mechanical and hydraulic properties that are the most important to achieve value engineering, not weight.

With a standard width of 6 meters, Geofabrics’ needlepunched non-woven geotextiles offer fewer overlaps so the products are not only quick to install but provide contractors with a more efficient coverage for a given area.

The main characteristics that prompt engineers to specify needlepunched non-wovens are their robustness – any damage to geotextiles is more likely to happen during installation, not in service – and their ability to provide sustained protection, separation and filtration in the harshest conditions.

Whether it’s a filter beneath rock armour on the Atlantic coast or a protector at the base of a deep landfill sitting in toxic leachate, Geofabrics’ non-woven geotextiles have a track record in unrivalled performances:

  • High puncture resistance
  • High elongation before break
  • Excellent filter characteristics at all strains
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