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Our GPT geocomposites comprise longitudinal band drains incorporated within, or on one side of, a geotextile to provide low-cost area drainage and protection to a membrane.

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Our GPT Range

The drains are typically at 0.5m or 1.0m centres across the roll width and continuously along the entire length of the roll. These products are used extensively to replace expensive mineral layers where the requirement is for sustained flow under high loadings.

Excellent internal and external stability for use on slopes
Embedding and bonding the band drains within the geotextile means that there is high internal shear strength. Additionally, the geotextiles used to manufacture the composites are needlepunched. This process, together with the short length of the fibres, creates a surface that positively interacts with mineral layers.

Simple to install
Installation of GPT products is both fast and uncomplicated. Overlaps and joints are easy to form. Roll lengths can be produced to match slope length and with widths up to 6m, there is further scope for minimising wastage as fewer overlaps are required. The composite can be fed into peripheral drainage trenches and wrapped around pipes.

Providing puncture resistance for geomembranes
The geotextiles used in the manufacture of the GPT products can be specified to provide the necessary level of puncture resistance – between 3kN and 40kN. Typical applications for Protexia GPT drains include:

  • Combined ground water drainage and membrane protection below the membrane of a landfill cell.
  • Combined leachate collection and membrane protection for landfill side slopes.
  • Gas collection beneath capping layers to landfills and contaminated land.
  • Combined drainage and membrane protection for landfill capping.
  • Relief of pore water pressure around buried structures, walls and abutments.
  • Controlling run-off on caps.

GPT products have a proven record in dealing with gas leachate or water. They are made from 100% polypropylene and contain carbon black, hence they are resistant to degradation by exposure to UV radiation or leachate.

Geocomposite drainage in landfill engineering
Geocomposite drainage and protection

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More Information

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