HPS Geotextiles

HPS (High Performance Square) needlepunched nonwoven geotextiles are produced from high performance, super high tenacity, staple polypropylene fibre.

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Our HPS Range

In addition to the inherent chemical and biological resistance associated with polypropylene, the polymer contains 1% carbon black to protect the long chain molecules from degradation by ultra-violet light.

Using a unique manufacturing technique, Geofabrics manufacture the HPS range with equal strength in both the length and the width of the material. The isotropic properties ensure that the product provides the necessary strength for touch civil applications.

The best indicator of mechanical performance for the textile types is the CBR puncture resistance and the number in the HPS grade is its CBR value e.g. HPS7 has a CBR puncture value of 7kN.

  • Optimised for maximum strength and performance – not mass.
  • Available in wide widths to allow for minimal construction costs – up to 6m.
  • Manufactured from a unique blend of high tenacity fibres providing class leading durability.
  • 100% virgin polypropylene fibres for guaranteed durability.
  • Carbon black for UV stability.

More Information

More Information

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