Liquid Containment Systems

Preventing leakage from underground storage tanks is crucial to prevent contamination of downgradient water supply and protect the content of the system. 

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Protection of Liquid Storage Tanks

Geofabrics HPS geotextiles provide effective protection from both short term installation damage and long term stress to the membrane. Geofabrics’ FMF range of composites allows for the installation of an all in one factory produced composite providing a membrane with added protection.

Liquid storage systems are often polymeric geomembrane liners which can be subject to potential damage during the construction process. A geomembrane should also be protected against puncture, ultra violet degradation, thermal and localised stress and stress concentrations.

These include indentations that lead to stress cracking. The most effective method of protecting a geomembrane has been proven to be a thick geotextile or Geocomposite layer.

Applications where these systems are used include:

  • Underground storage tanks
  • Pond Liners
  • Canal Liners

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