New Video – Coastal and Fluvial Erosion Control

Today we share an overview of our Coastal & Fluvial Erosion Control Products, with our Sector Manager Christopher Daykin.

The benefits of using geosynthetics are often undervalued in their impact to the stability of a hydraulic defence structure, partly because the unit cost is so small compared with armourstone.

The consequences of not designing and specifying them correctly can be catastrophic, potentially threatening the stability of the whole structure. When correctly specified and installed the use of a geotextile can offer huge savings on a project and increase the life of the structure significantly.

Geofabrics HPS-C geotextiles are designed to be used as filter/separators in hydraulic defence structures: they are placed on lower permeability beach materials to prevent the escape of fine particles while permitting the free passage of water, and provide a stable and consistent bedding layer, often relinquishing the need for one or more layers of armourstone resulting in huge cost savings.