PadTex - Energy Sector Lining System

Geofabrics Padtex is a high performance geocomposite material, which functions as a barrier and containment system in applications where oil or contaminant spillage is of key concern.

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Geofabrics Padtex

The system provides additional reinforcement and protection from damage during robust installations and service life, on projects where high levels of mechanical performance are required, as part of the lining system.

Performance is provided by a 0.2mm thick geomembrane protected on both sides by a high performance protection geotextile and a reinforcement woven component manufactured as a multifunctional 4-layer geocomposite, which can be installed in one quick phase as an ‘all in one’ solution.

Product Benefits:

  • Range of grades
  • Environmental containment – no leakages.
  • Absorbent properties – captures accidental spills.
  • Anti slippage – high friction levels.
  • Long term durability.
  • Performance benefits over standard industry options.
  • Value engineering and cost savings.
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