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Geosynthetics have been employed to perform a number of functions in track construction and rehabilitation for almost half a century. When properly specified and installed, the use of geosynthetics has been proven to significantly enhance the performance of the track bed reducing maintenance costs and increasing design lifetime.

Supplying GeoSynthetics Since 1990

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Geosynthetics in Railway Applications

For many years Geofabrics has developed and provided a broad spectrum of tailor engineered products that are specifically manufactured to address many of the problematic ground conditions that exist beneath railway track.

Geosynthetics have been proven to enhance trackbed performance and significantly extend maintenance intervals.

Geofabrics has developed a range of class leading geotextiles and composites using a state of the art test facility. Real time rail loading is simultaneously and cyclically applied to the replicated track construction through three hydraulic powered ram actuators. The rams can be programmed to load the installed track dynamically to simulate anything from an empty passenger train to a fully loaded freight train, or an ultra-high-speed train of the future. Trafficking frequencies can be modelled to replicate customers’ specific requirements.

Geotextile in rail

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Geotextile in rail

Geotextile Filters in Rail

Trackbed Geocomposite

Trackbed Stabilisation

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