Side Slope Drainage

The drainage system within the landfill cell is just as significant in the protection of the exterior environment as the liner system itself, the effective design and management of this is essential for the long term stability of the waste body.

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Side slope drainage in landfill

The main function of the drainage system is the removal of leachate from the waste body to be collected at defined points in order to avoid excessive pressure build up on the lining system.

Geofabrics GPT range of drainage composites combines synthetic strip drains with the protection function of Geofabrics HPS geotextiles. The band drains, located at either 0.5m or 1.0m intervals, collect and convey leachate effectively from the waste body while the thick high strength geotextile ensures that the membrane remains protected through the entire design life.

The GPT range is manufactured entirely from 100% prime grade virgin polymer tested to all European durability standards. The use of virgin polymer means that a design engineer can be confident in the long term durability of the materials and functionality throughout the entire design life of the landfill. The unique design of the composite means that the principal contact surface is the geotextile, therefore providing excellent interface shear resistance

Geocomposite drainage

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